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Credit Card Safety

Credit Card Safety You can feel secure and confident about safely using your credit card online guarantees fraud-free, convenient bookings online. It's just as safe to use your credit card for cyber bookings as it is to use it front desk.

Because we take credit card servicing very seriously, and to ensure your security, we use a secure commerce server that encrypts the credit card number and encodes it into a non-usable form.
Please review the information section of a particular hotel's description to see the list of the types of credit cards that are accepted for guarantee or deposit.

At times you may counter challenges, such as the hotel not accepting your credit card number even though it is correct. Please simply verify your card type, and check to see whether the card expiration date precedes the reservation date. Also make sure that you have not reached your credit limit. Pay attention to all the credit card tips for safe usage. And finally, the problem could just be a computer glitch!